Pledge It like Bamford!

Pledge to score 20 goals within 7 days. Once fulfilled, that'll mean an extra 10 goals!

Energy goals day 3 - 5000 Gauge desktop

1000 goals? done! Let's hit 5000!

You’ve done it! On day 1! Incredible… Collectively you've scored more than 1000 energy goals!

Can you push it to the limit and hit 5,000?

We will protect an area of trees the size of 100 football pitches in DR Congo via The Rainforest Trust!

For this game we play as #OneTeam!

Last update: 19/01/22 2 pm

VAR blunders week 1 580:380 - desktop

VAR TEAM: Our favourite blunders

Coach Vlad and the VAR team ensure #fairgame and that the activities are fulfilled properly. But if they’re not, they might have to pull it back for an earlier offside!

School class

School Activities

The School vs Climate Change competition kicked off on January 10th and will be on for the 6 coming weeks!

So we've put together a bunch of activities which you can do at school. Some are group activities; some you can do with your teacher, and others you can just do alone. Some you can do using the worksheet we've made for you.

You can choose any activities from this page - it's up to you. The ball is in your court!

whentoplugin EnergyWeek desktop hero 580:380


Try out the new National Grid app that tells you when it is best to plug in your appliances at home and, during the big energy saving week score 5 goals instead of 3!

PSL Kitchen Visual Hero component desktop

The PSL Kitchen

It can often be hard to think of what to cook and come up with new ideas

Open the doors to the PSL Kitchen, where you can score goals by trying out different Veganuary recipes: breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner or Match Day essentials!

096 Vegan hattrick pledge hero component 580:380

Veganuary Hat-trick Pledge

Pledge to have a vegan meal three days in a row and score an extra four bonus goals!

How does it work?

First make the pledge. Then do the "vegan meal" activity. Do it 3 days in a row and collect your reward by completing the "Vegan Hat-trick pledge - Part 2".

Well done! You're about to score an amazing 10 goals!


No Moura Landfill

Show off your recycling tricks like Lucas.

Share & tag @planetsuperleague with #nomouralandfill for prizes!

085 Natures Bounty vitamin Promo semi edited

Nature's Bounty Vitamin Blast

Fill your boots, boost your team.

Want to find out more about Nature's Bounty? Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and facebook @NaturesBountyUK!

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