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027 Fergie Time Food Hero edited
027 Fergie Time Food Hero edited

Fergie Time Food

Buy reduced food

+2 Goals
30 m
Once per week

Don't let food go to waste. Score yourself a bargain meal made from "yellow sticker" items that are still in Fergie Time.

What difference does it make?

One third of food is wasted – if we cut out food waste we could save about 7% of greenhouse gases. Buying reduced items from the supermarket will save you money too - win!

This activity lowers your carbon footprint by:

0.3 KG CO₂

What do you need?

  • An eye for a bargain
  • Supermarket yellow sticker food

Step by step

Need Help?

How many items do I need in order to score a goal?

One food item is enough and anything extra is good too, as long as it ends up in a stomach rather than the bin.

Do you have any suggestions for left-overs recipes?

Here are some on the bbc website.

What is Fergie Time?

It's a particularly long period of injury time in which Manchester United - under Sir Alex Ferguson - would inevitably grab a winning goal. Here are some.

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