O19 local round hero 380:450
O19 local round hero 380:450
O19 local round hero 380:450

Local Round

Treat your team mates to local draft beers

+2 Goals
30 m
Once per week

A pint or two with your mates before or after a game is symbolic of a Saturday afternoon, so why can’t we make it better for the environment too?

Next time you’re going to the pub, ask what local drinks they have and try that out instead!

What difference does it make?

Locally brewed beer emits three times less carbon dioxide than a bottled, foreign beer and supports the local community on an economic level as well!

This activity lowers your carbon footprint by:

1 KG CO₂

What do you need?

  • A group of friends or colleagues
  • a pub with local beers on tap

Step by step

Need Help?

I don’t drink beer, what should I order?

Gin has a good footprint if you fancy something else!

I don’t drink alcohol, what should I stick to?

Tap water ideally, or a soft drink from the tap. Avoid fresh juices or any bottled drinks if you can.

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