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Air Release

Bleed your radiators

+2 Goals
20 m
Once per season

Removing air from your radiators makes your heating system more efficient and wastes less energy.

What difference does it make?

Heating accounts for 60% of the energy used at home. Air bubbles in your radiator make the heating system work harder to reach the right temperature.

This activity lowers your carbon footprint by:

66 KG CO₂

What do you need?

  • A boiler
  • Radiator key
  • Wash basin
  • Old towel

Step by step

Need Help?

What if I can’t find the radiator key?

Some radiators need a key to open the valve. If you've lost it, you can also use an Allen key of the right size. If not, you should be able to purchase one from a hardware store or online.

How do I know when all the air has gone from the radiator?

Once the valve is open, air will come whistling out. As soon as the water appears it means that there's no air left. Your radiator is filled with water. You can then close the valve.

What if none of my radiators have air in them, do I still get points?

Yes! Just let Coach Vlad know.

Is it safe?

If done correctly it is perfectly safe. The biggest risk is that you end up getting water on your carpet! Or if you release too much water then you'll need to go and check your boiler and re-pressurise it.

Have a question?

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