O18 Check your bootprint 380:450
O18 Check your bootprint 380:450
O18 Check your bootprint 380:450

Check your Bootprint

Compute your estimated carbon footprint

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When it comes to football, you’ve got to know everything about your upcoming opposition. So why not learn about the carbon footprint of your lifestyle, and think about strategies for how to defeat that opponent?

What difference does it make?

Knowledge is power and the starting point to making a change. So, get your scouting hat on and begin to monitor your own carbon footprint.

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What's the best site for calculating your carbon footprint?

There are zillions of them. Here are some we found ok and that doesn't need any sign up. It's always about a balance between being too high level (quick but not useful) or too detailed (takes ages and "too much information".)

  •    [Global Footprint Network Calculator](https://www.footprintcalculator.org/home/en)
  •    [Bulb Footprint Calculator](https://bulb.co.uk/carbon-calculator/)
  •    [Carbonindependent.org ](https://www.carbonindependent.org/)
Which footballer has the biggest boots?

According to the Sun, Romelu Lukaku has the biggest feet in the Premier League - weighing in at size 13.5. More here

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