025 Goalie Glam-up Hero edited
025 Goalie Glam-up Hero edited
025 Goalie Glam-up Hero edited

Goalie Glam-up

Design a bright Jorge Campos style goalkeeper shirt.

+2 Goals
1 h
Once per season

Goalies are in a league of their own when it comes to bright coloured kit. Birds of paradise are nimble and bright coloured too so you could say they're the goalies of the bird world! There are lots of different species to check out which could inspire your design.

What difference does it make?

Birds of paradise are among the most colourful, amazing birds in the world. If we know about them, we're more likely to care for them.

What do you need?

  • Paper
  • Your very brightest pens or crayons

Step by step

Need Help?

Where can I find some photos of birds of paradise?

Go to pinterest and type in "birds of paradise". There are some amazing pictures there.

Also youtube has some great videos:here

Does it have to be a bird of paradise?

Birds-of-paradise are wonderfully colourful. Check them out. But any colourful bird that inspires you creatively is fine too

Jorge Who?

Come on. Jorge Campos. This guy: here

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