O06_Office Rebels_Hero 380*450
O06_Office Rebels_Hero 380*450
O06_Office Rebels_Hero 380*450

Office Rebels

It's hard to stick your neck out - easier if you do it as a group

+5 Goals
45 m
Once per season

Making change needs guts - team up with someone like-minded and ask tough questions.

What difference does it make?

Ideas are one thing. But the heroes are the ones that step up and take action.

What do you need?

  • Ideas
  • Guts

Step by step

Need Help?

What's that about football rebels?

A very interesting series led by Eric Cantona about footballers who were real rebels in their day... Big stuff like fighting dictatorships. More here.

What kind of improvements are you thinking of?

Loads of stuff. Pushing the landlord for better energy monitoring and control. Providing benefits for employees who travel in by public transport or bike. Water saving devices. Questioning products which harm the environment. Like everywhere you look there is stuff to improve unless you work on an organic, circular-economy smallholding.


Realistically it's going to take time and persistence. Got that. Show us you've kicked something off.

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