O05 Tap-in hero 380*450
O05 Tap-in hero 380*450
O05 Tap-in hero 380*450


No bottle? Doesn't matter - drink from the tap.

+1 Goal
10 m
Once per day

The easiest kind of goal is a tap-in. The easiest drink is tap water.

What difference does it make?

There are more than 10 billion plastic bottles used yearly in UK. That equates to around 150 units and 40kg CO2e emissions per person. Recycling is a partial solution, best not to use a single-use plastic bottle in the first place!

What do you need?

  • A glass and/or a reusable bottle

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What's wrong with the water fountain?

It's another piece of equipment which uses energy. The tap is the most sustainable device for distributing H2O.

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