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Club Bird Feeder

Make a bird-feeder for all the wingers in your garden

+2 Goals
45 m
Once per season

A winger like Jack Grealish can feed a striker with a dozen assists per season.

Now you have to feed your wingers (birds :) ) by making a bird-feeder.

What difference does it make?

Birds are dying out especially because of modern farming. They really need some friends, and giving them food is a big help, especially in winter.

What do you need?

  • An empty carton of milk or juice
  • A pair of scissors
  • An ice lolly stick or a twig
  • Bird feed (seeds and fat)

Step by step

Need Help?

What other things can I feed the birds or should it just be seeds?

Check on the RSPB website for guidance on what best to feed birds. https://shopping.rspb.org.uk/bird-food/

Can I put it on the balcony ?

Of course, athough you might have more chance to see birds if your feeder is hanging from a nearby tree.

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