080 Loft Insulation 1st Half bis Promo edited
080 Loft Insulation 1st Half bis Promo edited
080 Loft Insulation 1st Half bis Promo edited

Loft Insulation - Part 1

Keep the heat inside - part 1

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One of the biggest things you can do for the planet is to make sure there is plenty of insulation in your loft.

What difference does it make?

25% of heat loss in a house goes out through the roof. The more insulation you can fit, the snugger your home will be.

What do you need?

  • You need a loft!
  • Patience (this is a big project)
  • Insulation material from a DIY shop

Step by step

Need Help?

Can you recommend some good links on this?

The Energy Saving Trust site is useful.

So is the loft boys.

Can you recommend some good videos on this?

This is the best we've found : here

How much does it cost? And what is the payback?

It depends on lots of things. But if your loft is currently uninsulated, you'll save around 25% on your heating bill. Installation costs depend on the material and the surface of your loft. Typically for 20cm wool insulation, for a typical loft, the price ranges between £200 and £400.

Can we do it ourselves or do we need to get people in?

It is pretty easy to do it yourself. But if you aren't comfortable, you should use experts. Flat Roof? Cold vs warm loft: read more here.

What kind of insulation should we use?

All is explained in the article recommended in 1st FAQ!

Have a question?

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