012 Leg Power 10km may22
012 Leg Power 10km may22

Leg Power 10km

Head to the countryside for some fresh air and exercise

+3 Goals
3 h
Once per week

The average midfielder runs around 10km per game but you don't need to! You can walk or take your bike.

What difference does it make?

Getting out into nature helps clear your head, and does a world of good for your health.

This activity lowers your carbon footprint by:

0.3 KG CO₂

What do you need?

  • Phone for photos and map
  • Half-time snacks

Step by step

Need Help?

Does it have to be exactly 10km?

No, but aim to be out and about for a couple of hours. That will get the circulation going and make you feel great afterwards.

We do lots of biking anyway. Does it matter?

No that’s fine. You still score the goals. The more you’re on yer bike the better.

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