048 red card packaging
048 red card packaging
048 red card packaging

Red-Card Packaging

Show packaging the red card

+1 Goal
30 m
Once per day

Food or cleaning product refills, lush bath bombs... anything you buy with zero packaging will score you a goal.

What difference does it make?

Let's reduce waste and popularise buying packaging-free!

What do you need?

  • A shop selling zero-waste products (on or offline)

Step by step

Need Help?

Why there's no CO2 reduction computed for this activity?

Two reasons for that:

  1. The materials used for packaging and the amount of packaging vary a lot from product to product.
  2. In zero waste shop, you usually bring your own container - that could be made of any number of different materials (plastic, glass) with different footprints.
Isn't there are footballer with a packaging-free shop?

Absolutely. Former Man Utd player Richard Eckersley and his wife run a zero waste shop in Totnes, Devon.

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