Win your club's new shirt

During the next ten weeks of summer activities, we’re offering one prize a week. Each activity you complete you will be entered into a prize draw. We’ll randomly select a winner. So the more you do, the higher the chance you have of winning.

So what’s the prize?

A 2022/2023 season shirt from the team of your choice. (and also the size of your choice :) )

And we promise no-one’s going to get a Brighton shirt from 1986 or Hearts from 2016…

old shirt

For more hilarious wacky shirt fun, check out this site.

Hold on, someone might say… That’s not very green, offering shirts. It would be way better if clubs didn’t change their shirts every season. It would save on lots of resources and save money for fans.

Well, we agree, to be honest. But it’s hard to come up with good prizes, and we know how important it is to be able to wear the club shirt...

We tried Amazon vouchers. It was easy to organise but defo not green. A lady from the climate action group from Northampton, Jane Wood, politely pointed out that it’s a bit of a blooper for a green organisation to use Amazon vouchers. So we stopped that.

If there is one Amazon we want to help, it’s the forest in Brazil. 

Some of you know, each time we run a tournament we pay for an area of rainforest the size of 1,000 football pitches to be protected in the name of the most impactful club. This is organised by our partner the Rainforest Trust UK. So somewhere, deep in the forests of South America and Central Africa, there are areas of rainforest the size of 2,000 football pitches with Northampton Town’s name on, 1,000 with Arsenal’s name on and 1,000 with the name of Stanwick Primary Academy on… Congrats to them and their fans or, in the case of Stanwick, their pupils and their families.

The Rainforest Trust UK estimates you’ve all helped save 1,200,000 trees with that effort. That’s an ok start. But lots, lots more to do. 

So… because we realise that the new shirt isn’t as green as it could be, we’re also saving 5 football pitches of rainforest with Rainforest Trust UK in the name of each winner. You’ll get a special certificate with that on, too.

Here are the terms and conditions.

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