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Make A Water Filter

Turn gross muddy water into clear, clean water.

+2 Goals
45 m
Once per season

You know those agonising goals where the ball just trickles in? Getafe had one in the week against Barcelona. Ireland women's team against Ukraine in 2020 too.

This is also about trickling in. It is a fun experiment to get dirty water clean by trickling it through a home-made natural water filter.

What difference does it make?

Water we find underground has been filtered clean by the soil and rocks it has filtered down through. See how that works, and why it is so important to keep the soil free of pollution.

What do you need?

  • A big plastic bottle (1.5l or more)
  • Coffee filter (or a piece of cloth)
  • Muddy or oily water
  • Different kinds of:sand / coarse sand / gravel or pebbles / activated carbon (can find at a pet shop)

Step by step

Need Help?

Do I need to get all those different things for the filter?

The more variety the better! But sand and pebbles are already good to start with!

Where do I find activated carbon?

You can find activated carbon in any pet shop because it is used in water filters for aquariums.

Can I drink the cleaned water?

No! This is just to show how the different layers in the ground clean the water we use.

Can you show us some goals which trickle in?

This is a nice trickler:

Ireland women's team had one (2:30).

This is the Barca v Getafe one, (0:50).

These are more bobbles than trickles, but still a bit trickly: here.

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