S05 Learn and Present hero 380:450
S05 Learn and Present hero 380:450
S05 Learn and Present hero 380:450

Learn and Present

Try learning more about climate change

+2 Goals
90 m
Once per week

Try researching a climate change topic and then sharing it with your classmates.

You could talk about an endangered species (e.g., polar bear), or an area at risk (e.g, rainforest). The more you know, the more aware we all are. Sharing and using your voice is so powerful.

What difference does it make?

Using your voice to talk about climate change is one of the biggest actions you can take. Look at what Greta's has achieved by creating a platform for herself and the planet. Learn, share, change.

Step by step

Need Help?

What should i research?

Think about what you like, and how climate change might affect that. Walks by the river? Nice and predictable weather? Animals? All of these could be affected.

Do i have to present to my class?

Not if you don't want to, but you can still tell your friends and family about it.

Have a question?

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