sweep up mailbox 380:450
sweep up mailbox 380:450
sweep up mailbox 380:450

Sweep up the (mail)box

Clean up the mess in your inbox

+3 Goals
1 h
Once per season

The penalty box is usually where things can get cluttered and chaotic, and your email inbox can often be the same! Be like a prime van Dijk and sweep up in your own box, clearing out those messy, ricochet-like emails, and unsubscribe from the no longer wanted newsletters!

What difference does it make?

Sending and storing emails need huge servers that consume a lot of energy.

What do you need?

  • Just a bit of time... but hurry: the referee’s looking at his watch!

Step by step

Need Help?

Should I empty my bin as well?

Yes. In most of the cases, deleting an email is not enough to make it disappaear for good: it still sits in your bin. Make sure you get that one empty or you'll keep wasting energy on junk and spam emails.

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