082 No Moura Landfill Hero component edited
082 No Moura Landfill Hero component edited

No Moura Landfill

Bend it like Lucas Moura and aim for the bin

+1 Goal
15 m
Once per day

Practise your recycling skills with Lucas Moura and when you're done, show off on social media tagging @planetsuperleague and #nomouralandfill.

What difference does it make?

More than half of our packaging still ends up in landfill sites - what a waste! Let's get it recycled and put to good use.

What do you need?

  • Separate bins
  • Optional: sharp football skills

Step by step

Need Help?

We don't use socia Media, how can we score goals?

We'd love to see your skills! Try and send it directly to Coach Vlad on Whatsapp or alternatively send a picture of one of your team member in action!

Can I use a glass bottle or a jar?

NO! It's too dangerous. Keep it safe and dispose of it normally in the designated bin. Sometimes the simplest safe pass can be the most effective.

Our council doesn't collect kitchen waste. What do we do?

If you have a garden or your friends do, then you could collect it for composting. Make sure you don't put any meat or dairy waste in it, though. And - tell the council they should up their game.

Plastic waste won't crumble into a ball we can do skills with... What do we do?

There's a technique to this one... what about crumpling up the plastic waste and then putting it inside a little plastic bag? Da-daaaa!

This chap seems very skilful... Any more videos of him?

Yes.. quite a few. Here's one.

Have a question?

Send Coach Vlad a message and he'll help with your query.

Contact him via:

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