O02 Switch-off 450:380
O02 Switch-off 450:380
O02 Switch-off 450:380


When the game is over, switch off screens, lights and computers

+1 Goal
5 m
Once per day

Sleep mode doesn't mean proper rest. Ask Night-owl Neymar how he feels after bingeing on Netflix all night.

What difference does it make?

Workplaces use 40% more energy per square metre than homes. Save what you can!

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Isn't it more efficient to leave stuff on?

No. It might have been when George Stevenson invented the steam engine, but not anymore.

But some people get annoyed if all the equipment is switched off at night.

Talk to them about it. They'll come round.

Is Neymar really a night owl?

It is reported he loves playing video games and watching Netflix late into the night. He is so fond of Netflix, he actually got a role in Money Heist. Here it is.

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