O20 Video assistant 380:450
O20 Video assistant 380:450
O20 Video assistant 380:450

Video Assistant

Watch a documentary and share it

+3 Goals
2 h
Once per week

It’s no coincidence that the very best will watch their games back as well as watching video footage of their upcoming opponents to garner as much information and knowledge as they can about them. Ask El Loco Bielsa...

What difference does it make?

You can do the same by watching a nature-based documentary, gathering facts about things you care about, and learn more about keeping your planet greener.

What do you need?

  • Anything to watch something on
  • A list of documentaries to choose from

Step by step

Need Help?

Which documentary do you recommend?

There are plenty! Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy, A life on our Planet... there’s something for everyone. Netflix, HBO or our favourite Waterbear have great selections: browse and choose!

I don’t have Netflix or HBO and don't want to pay for it!

Well then, we can only recommend Waterbear: it is a free video platform dedicated to the future of the planet! Netflix and HBO also do free one-month trials!

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