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Ride like Robben!

Get yourself a second-hand bike so you can ride like Arjen Robben.

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Once per season

Former Bayern and Chelsea star, Arjen Robben goes everywhere by bike. Join the club and get yourself a second-hand bicyle for local errands and commutes. It's a winning move: healthier for you and the planet!

What difference does it make?

Most car journeys are less than 5km and could be done by bike instead. 60% of world transport emission are caused by cars. They could come right down if we got on our bikes more!

What do you need?

  • This is for players who don't have a bike!

Step by step

Need Help?

Where can i go online?

The preloved website, here , ore ebay, here ,any facebook dedicated groups

Why doesn't this activity have any CO2 reductions with it?

Just buying a second-hand bike doesn't really save any emissions. But it's the first step towards cutting down on using the car and saving lots of CO2 emissions. Look at our 2k, 5k and 10k challenges!

What if we get a new bike, not a second-hand one?

That's also great - it's all about being able to use the bike instead of the car. But definitely consider a second-hand one - it's cheaper and it doesn't hurt so much if it gets nicked. Also, less CO2 into the atmosphere! ;) The saving we have listed is based on buying a second-hand bike.

What if we get ripped off?

Definitely beware of scammers. If in doubt, leave it out.. Never pay without seeing it. If you prefer an offline solution, head to your local shop and ask for 2nd hand possibilities. Or go really old hat and look for ads in the local rag!

Any videos of amazing exploits of cyclist?

Try this: here

Have a question?

Send Coach Vlad a message and he'll help with your query.

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