O04 Park the car 380*450
O04 Park the car 380*450
O04 Park the car 380*450

Park the Car

Leave your car at home and go to work

+2 Goals
45 m
Once per day

Go one better than Jose Mourinho. He was all park the bus. This is about parking the car and finding low-carbon ways to commute.

What difference does it make?

Two thirds of workers in the UK commute everyday by car. Commuting to work contributes 70% of the yearly mileage of an average private car. Walking, Cycling, taking the train or the bus: there are several alternatives that could both reduce your emissions and gas consumption!

What do you need?

  • Sterling determination.

Step by step

Need Help?

What was that about "sterling determination"?

When Raheem Sterling was a lad, he would take three buses to get to training. That's low-carbon determination: read more here

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