Greener Grassroots


Those mornings where the kids kit up, ready to take to the pitch and emulate their idols in a game of 5, 7 or 9 a-side football. It’s what the beautiful game is all about. The same game from the world stage down to the park cage…

But football at all levels can be greener. We don’t even have to put much effort or thought into it, a lot of it, like most Planet Super League activities, can be done by changing really small actions.

We’ve put together some activities below that can help “green your game” in a pretty effortless way. 

Most club coaches and secretaries will have experienced the pain of picking up a load of empty water or juice bottles at the end of a game. Single-use plastic that only sometimes gets recycled… Simple swap? Buy a reusable or refillable bottle. One that you like the look of so you’re more likely to look after it! 20 games a season? 19 bottles saved per person that does it. 10 players in the team? That’s 190 less plastic bottles going to waste!

Parents watching their kids, in the cold of autumn or winter, there’s nothing better than a tea or coffee from the clubhouse to warm those celebrating hands, right? Those polystyrene cups are VERY rarely recycled! Plus the weather will make that drink cold in no time… There are so many reusable coffee cups or flasks on the market at a reasonable cost… The same principle as before. And guess what? They’re much better looking than a flimsy polystyrene cup!

Those dirty kits when you get home… What a nightmare! Did you know that if everyone in the UK switched from a 40 to a 30 degree wash, it would save 858,000 TONNES of CO2 emissions a year according to Which?

A 5 minute shower is plenty to wash those dirty knees from that slide tackle to stop a cross in the final minute of the game! That would save around 10 gallons of water a day from the average 8 minute shower. 

Is your game local? Do you really NEED to drive? A nice walk, cycle or scoot might help with the warm up, cut down those emissions and score some goals for your club on Planet Super League, of course!

There’s loads of ways you can green your game… Can you think of any more? Why not try some of the activities on our FOOTBALL page?

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