At the recent Ferencvaros-Ludogorec Europa League game (3-0 to Ludogorec), Ferenvaros were running a reusable cup scheme. This is an initiative that Ferencvaros started earlier in the summer and quickly the recyclable cups become the only ones you can get at home games. There was a deposit of €1 per cup, and if you returned the cup you would get the deposit back. However, fans were welcome to take the cup home – it was designed as a commemorative cup for the game.

The small print: you had to return your cup by the 75th minute if you wanted to get your money back.

Perhaps that is why all the goal action – and the sending off – were done and dusted by the 64th minute.

We tried to find out the exact numbers from Fradi and the stadium, but estimates say a total of nearly 3500 cups were purchased – and of those, around half* were returned. The attendance on the night was 16 500.

We’ll keep an eye on the spread and success of these schemes. But it is really fantastic and totally to Fradi’s credit, to see a reusable cup scheme already working in Hungary which, let’s face it, is not known to be a bastion of environmental radicalism. Something has rubbed off those famous green shirts.


*Numbers are estimates and it is important to mention that as you can see from the photo, the cups have sentimental value and many were taken home as a memory from the first EL home group match in a long time

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