A few days ago Cristiano Ronaldo posted an image of burning forest on Twitter urging all to save the forests of Brazil.

I doubt this single act will turn Presidents Bolsonaro and Morales around, who, for quite different reasons, are grossly negligent in the protection of the forests of Brazil and Bolivia. (They are not alone – deforestation is happening in Australia, Canada, Estonia, UK, numerous countries of Africa… and practically everywhere else in the world.) It’s not about left wing or right wing; it’s not about rich or poor; it’s about not caring and not understanding.)


At PSL we were thinking: what would make a difference?

Could we get 1,000 or 10,000 famous footballers to tweet about the Amazon? Would that help?

Probably not. Protest has to have a call to action. And the protester has to have some leverage.

The only relevant call to action to help the forests of Brazil is this: STOP EATING MEAT. Or, EAT LESS MEAT. Simply: virtually all the deforestation in Brazil is caused by people eating meat. Farmers and ranchers burn down the forest, either to grow cattle on or to grow soya beans on which get exported around the world to feed animals for the meat industry.

So if you really want to do something about the Amazon, Cristiano, follow the fine example of footballers like Hector Bellerin, Sergio Aguiero, Adam Bogdan, the Forest Green Rovers team, and many others and cut right down on meat eating.

Sign up for Veganuary; support Million Dollar Vegan; start eating in Lewis Hamilton’s new plant-based burger bar.

This raises the big question: sport and politics. Should sport and sportsmen get involved in politics? Should we sully the beautiful game with political protest?

Once you are famous, then like it or not, you have social power to influence people. Then, you are arguably under and obligation to use that power for good and to reduce suffering in the world. Football is only a business. Encouraging and helping people to do the right thing for the planet – that is more important than business.

What would really put pressure on Bolsonaro? Only if Brazilian footballers had the courage to stand up and be counted. It is a tough ask for young guys in their twenties against a man whose people run murder squads in the favelas. https://www.rioonwatch.org/?p=52373

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