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Penalties and sharing

It’s not good to lose a final on penalties.

You proved you were equal to the other side over 120 minutes. And now they decide who wins with the cruelest test of mentality, nerves and stamina.

One country rejoices, and another country is thrown into gloom and recriminations.

Is this really the best way to finish a tournament?

In the modern economy, look how sharing is becoming more important. Think of our Free Food Transfer activity where we use the Olio food sharing app.

So what about sharing the Cup if it’s even stevens after extra time?

I think it would teach the world something about sharing, about community, about togetherness.

It would only have come home for two years, not four, but two years isn’t bad for a start, is it?

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It’s a place to talk about living more sustainably. And football.

We’re looking for contributions from people who are into football and into saving the planet.

Send us a photo that's inspired you. Tell us what you've been doing to live greener. Or give a cheer for something your club has done.

We'd love to hear from you.

It could be a video, a photo or just some text.

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Clean Pitch

The thinking behind our activities

There are several kinds of activities in Planet Super League...

1. Activities with immediate impact. Like Meat-free Take-away or Electric Transfer. If you eat a meat-free meal, you're cutting emissions compared to the UK average. Same if you switch to a renewable energy tariff. Actually, that one is the biggest impact you can have.

2. Activities about nature. Getting into nature and learning about it. It's really important for kids' wellbeing. It's proven that kids who spend time in nature end up with better health, better mental health ... their self-confidence improves, and they get better at communicating.

Just as important, children who learn to appreciate nature, end up taking more care of it when they are grown up.

3. Creative activities. Again, if kids can get off screens and do creative stuff with their hands, they're going to be more aware of the real world around them and how they relate to it.

4. Telling the world. This is where you tell other people about the great stuff you are doing. That is just as important! Don't just keep it to yourselves - share it, and encourage other people to get involved.

Snap a bug

Snap a bug activity

One of the most popular activities is Snap a Bug.

How does that help the Planet?

Bugs roughly means insects and spiders and so on. Butterflies. Bees. Beetles. Things that don’t have a spine. They are having a really bad time. Their numbers have pretty much collapsed in the last 30-40 years - down by 75% or more according to a recent study in Germany.

Someone in your family might remember years ago - when you went for a drive at night, the headlights would be covered in midges and mosquitoes. I remember that, and I am not that old. No longer - you come home and the headlights are clean. In the evening, outdoor lights would have dozens of moths dancing around them. No more.

This has happened for lots of reasons. It’s mainly industrial farming which uses chemicals to kill insects and get rid of the wild flowers where they live. Also air pollution from cars and trucks. Trees and bushes being chopped down. Land being drained and concreted over. Lots of things.

It’s important because all life is interconnected. If we chop away all the species around us, eventually things will come crashing down on top of us.

To help repair things, the first step is to learn to care about these bugs. One way to start caring, is to get to know them. Look at them. Find out what they are called. When we know what things are called, we often look after them more.

It’s great for kids. When they start to learn the names of things, they become more observant. Their memory improves. They become a bit more confident.

Inaturalist is a great app. There are others like it as well. You just photo a plant or an insect, and it will tell you what it is. It’s quite fun to try it photoing a person. See what it says.

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Leicester - Rainbow Unicorns Rain Catcher

Coach Vlad’s top PSL tips

  1. Plan ahead - look through the activities and decide as a team which ones you want to do and when you will do them.

  2. Combine activities - see if you can do a couple of activities at the same time or on the same day.

  3. Wear your club colours when you complete activities, that way your photos will be more fun.

  4. Push yourself as a family team and try as many different activities as you can.

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