Final week!

semi finals

The semi-finals went bonkers. Lincoln City 2081 v 2313 Cambridge United. And that’s after we cancelled a bunch of goals due to … questionable circumstances or possible “ungentlemanly conduct”.

On that question of cheating. It’s fun to win, but please don’t cheat. It spoils it for everyone. We know when you’re sending in Google images of things or sending a picture you have already used. 

In the final we are enforcing a strict yellow and red card system. Yellow card is a warning for cheating and red card means the family is kicked out of the team and all their points cancelled. We can cancel goals as we see fit.

Play steadily, play fair, and get your mates involved. That’s how to win.

The finalists are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Cambridge United, Fulham, Hull City Tigers Trust, Northampton Town, Swindon, Tottenham Hotspur and Wigan Athletic. They are playing in one table - the team with the most goals wins.

Results will only be announced on Wednesday 3rd November. The final whistle blows on 31st October, and then we need two days to do our final VAR checks and correct the scores.

May the fairest and greenest team win!

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