Power of Youth

PSL VISUAL Youth charter 20210922

Planet Super League have signed up to the iWill Power of Youth Charter. The Charter is all about helping young people take the lead! 

The Charter is based on five commitments - they spell out the word POWER...

P - Prioritise young people

What we are doing

Loads of our activities are designed for young people to take the lead on. And we’re working hard to make more… We’re going to get young people involved in helping us make Planet Super League better, and more relevant for kids from all backgrounds, from all walks of life.

O - Open for young people 

What we are doing

We’re making a team of young people to help us work out how to get teenagers involved. Do you want to join in? Please get in touch.

W - Work with other organisations

What we are doing

We’re working with schools, colleges and youth groups;l more than 50 community coaching organisations attached to football clubs. We’re helping them all get the message out about taking action, and giving training. 

E - Evidence of why it’s good for young people to get involved

What we are doing

We’ll write up the cool things young people are doing with Planet Super League. Hopefully those stories will inspire other people to get involved..

R - Recognise the good things young people are doing

What we are doing

We’re going to let young people takeover our social media channels every so often. We’ll also do annual awards for young people - so the ones doing good stuff will get proper recognition.

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