Intro to PSL. What we do. Why people love it

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What is PSL?

Your first time here? Welcome to PSL.

We’re a unique football tournament that helps you get in shape for fighting climate change.

Choose your favourite club - at the moment we’ve got 49 competing, and each season more and more join. 

Check out the fixtures to see who you’re playing this week. Then join the game and start playing!

To score goals for your club you have to complete an activity - we’ve over 50 activities to choose from, and we’re always adding more and improving them. All the activities are about reducing CO2 emissions, living with less pollution or just getting to know the natural world better. And once you’ve done it, send in a photo to prove it!

With practice, you’ll become champions for the planet.

People love Planet Super League because we try and make it fun to do your bit for the planet. It’s often hard to know what to do, especially when there is so much bad news around. We focus on the important things which make a difference. 

And it’s a chance to spend time together doing activities and making lasting memories.

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