Big Energy Saving Week! (17-23rd Jan '22)

Its big energy week Article

Energy Saving Week is a national campaign, with the aim to help and encourage people to save energy, while cutting down on fuel costs at the same time. It took place on the week of the 17th to 23rd January 2022.

During the week, we committed to protect an area of trees the size of 100 football pitches in DR Congo via The Rainforest Trust, if YOU, our school friends, managed to score 1,000 goals via Energy activities during the course of the week. Did you do it? YOU BET!

The 1,000 target was smashed on DAY 1, where you hit 1,276 goals. By day 5 you had exceeded 7,000 goals and by the end of the week the grand total was 11,520 goals. AMAZING! In all, this week alone and through our energy activities alone, you collectively saved over 72 tonnes CO2e emissions - that's equivalent to planting 4,140 trees! INCREDIBLE!

Why should we reduce our energy consumption?

The average household in the UK consumes an average 3000 kWh electricity and 12000 kWh gas per year, that produces more than 3 tonnes of co2 emissions and accounts for 15% of our annual carbon footprint for a household.

Around the UK and across the world, people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint to take action against climate change. In our homes we have the power to make a big difference.

What uses the most energy in our home? 

  1. Heating our homes (65%) 

  2. Heating water (15%) 

  3. Using appliances (10%)

  4. Lighting and cooking (5% each)

Its big energy week2 Article

How can we reduce our energy usage?

We’ve picked out some of our PSL top tips below, give them a go, upload a photo and score a goal!

  1. Tackle your everyday habits and make a big difference:

  • Switch Off - Turn off your lights and appliances when they are not in use.

  • Clean Sheet and Full House - Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they are completely full.

  • Over the Line - Substitute your tumble dryer for hanging your washing outside or on a clothes airer instead.

  • Shower Dasher - Set a timer and take a shorter shower.

Did you know? Using a lid on pans when boiling water for pasta will boil it 3 times faster!

2. Quick wins

  • Family Floodlight - Switching to LED lighting will reduce your light energy consumption, to almost nothing.

  • On Me Showerhead Son - Maybe the greatest of the quick wins, fit your shower with a water efficient shower head. 

  • Electric showers already have a low lpm ratio.

  • Night Night Wifi - Use a timer switch for your wifi and tv boxes so that they are switched off during the night or when you are out of the house for long periods of time.

  • Heating Hat-Trick / Under Pressure / Air Release - check out your heating settings and ensure you’re being efficient around the house.

Did you know? Regular maintenance of appliances, such as defrosting your fridge/freezer and cleaning up your kettle increases their efficiency.

3. Game Changer

  • Keepie Downie - Turning down the thermostat by just 1 degree can reduce your energy consumption.

  • SnakeyWinter Defence / Loft Insulation - Check your house is efficiently insulated, common heat loss areas can include around your doors, windows and loft.

Get involved and don’t forget to upload a photo to each activity you complete to score a goal!

For more information or advice on reducing your energy bills, click here to visit Citizens Advice.

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