Cup26 launch

Wembley launch

Cup26 is launching!

Our autumn season kicks off on 7th September with the CUP26 tournament. Look out for the launch event at Wembley stadium with some big names and a menagerie of club mascots.

It’s an 8 week tournament with 49 professional clubs including our first Scottish team, Hibs - the Greenest Club in Scotland! And a warm welcome to joiners from south of the border: Bristol Rovers, Cambridge United, Lincoln City, Exeter City, Middlesbrough, QPR, Swansea, Swindon Town and West Ham.

Week one of the tournament is a warm-up week with several onboarding sessions for fans who’ve not played before. 

Then the 49 clubs split into 9 groups Groups A to I. There are four groups of six clubs and five groups of five. They’ll play five weeks of head-to-head fixtures. Each club in a group of five gets one rest week. 

The top two teams in each group then play a round of semi-finals in week 7. The nine winners then play in a one-week final group - no fixtures, just a flat-out race to see which team can score the most goals. 

Look out for a bunch of exciting events coming up during the tournament. Watch this space!

And why CUP26? Well, the tournament is named after COP26 the global climate change summit being held in Glasgow in the first two weeks of November. We thought … “COP26 … CUP26…” geddit? Sorry… :)

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