VAR: Our Favourite Blunders!

Post VAR blunder week2

Your manager has told you to get stuck into the activities, but beware of VAR!

When it comes to the big decisions and the big moments in games, the Video Assistant Referee sometimes needs to step in and assess the situation, before making a ruling based on said assessment.

It’s very much the same here at Planet Super League with our activities, and our very own VARs ensuring that the activities are fulfilled properly when scoring your goals, but if they’re not, we might have to pull it back for an earlier offside!

To make sure you’re not trapped in our ‘Caught Offside’ section, here are the things our VARs will be checking for:

- Photos that are not authentic

- Using the same photo evidence multiple times

- Photos that do not verify the completed activities

- Anything else that is not done in the good spirit of the game

In our weekly update, we’ll be posting funnies and blunders that didn’t pass the VAR check, and as such, their goals were ruled out and the completion of the activity could not stand, to maintain the fairness and reality of the game. Remember: love the game, love the planet.

To help, our referees suggest ensuring that your photos are real, showing you and your friends and family having fun whilst completing the target activity – and avoiding getting yourself into the referee’s bad books!

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