The thinking behind our activities

Chesterfield winners

There are several kinds of activities in Planet Super League...

1. Activities with immediate impact. Like Meat-free Take-away or Electric Transfer. If you eat a meat-free meal, you're cutting emissions compared to the UK average. Same if you switch to a renewable energy tariff. Actually, that one is the biggest impact you can have.

2. Activities about nature. Getting into nature and learning about it. It's really important for kids' wellbeing. It's proven that kids who spend time in nature end up with better health, better mental health ... their self-confidence improves, and they get better at communicating.

Just as important, children who learn to appreciate nature, end up taking more care of it when they are grown up.

3. Creative activities. Again, if kids can get off screens and do creative stuff with their hands, they're going to be more aware of the real world around them and how they relate to it.

4. Telling the world. This is where you tell other people about the great stuff you are doing. That is just as important! Don't just keep it to yourselves - share it, and encourage other people to get involved.

Latest Action

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Final week's MUV challenge (14th-21st Feb 22')

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Student Volunteering Week! (7-13th Feb '22)

Help us keep the pitch clean by picking up litter and scoring green goals.
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