SC04 Waste Monster hero 380;450
SC04 Waste Monster hero 380;450
SC04 Waste Monster hero 380;450

KS2 - Waste Monster

Bring landfill to life

+1 Goal
30 m
Once per season

Imagine you are stood in the middle of landfill, surrounded by rubbish. What can you smell, hear, see or feel? The rubbish begins to move and out of the landfill climbs a Waste Monster!

Bring your Waste Monster to life, and don't forget to give them a name.

What difference does it make?

Nearly 26.5 million tons of waste are generated by households in the UK each year: almost 1 ton per household! Still 55% of those, end up in landfill, with no chance to be recycled. A third of said wastage is actually biodegradeable, that could have been composted.

What do you need?

  • Pen or pencils
  • Paper
  • A picture of landfill (may help)

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