041 Ballooned it over Hero edited
041 Ballooned it over Hero edited
041 Ballooned it over Hero edited

Group Ballooned it Over

As a group of 10 or more, inflate a balloon with vegetable waste

+10 Goals
30 m
Once per season

A balloon once scored for Sunderland against Liverpool.

You'll use a smaller balloon for this activity - letting nature blow it up for you: our food waste creates gas when it has no air, just like in landfill.

What difference does it make?

Once you understand how bad food waste can be for our planet, you might think twice next time you decide to throw something out. Why not start a compost heap? You could even have one that you share with your neighbors.

What do you need?

  • Balloon
  • Small empty bottle - preferably glass
  • Rubber band
  • Some lettuce leaves or even kitchen scraps (plants only)

Step by step

Need Help?

Is it safe?

It is. Although the quantity of gas is tiny, it is sensible to keep the bottle away from any flame.

Can I use other peelings or food scraps?

You can definitely try different waste foods in different bottles. See which blows up the balloon slower or faster. The fastest we know are bits of lettuce.

What do we do when the reaction is over?

Take the balloon off the bottle. Empty the contents of the bottle into your garden waste or compost bin.

Did a balloon really score for Sunderland against Liverpool?

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