T03 Wild Ground School hero 380:450
T03 Wild Ground School hero 380:450
T03 Wild Ground School hero 380:450

Wild School Ground

Prepare one corner of your school ground to go wild with nature

+5 Goals
3 h
Once per season

Planet Super League competitors Southampton FC have recently partnered up with the Wildlife Trust to become a Team Wilder Champion. They've committed to building a wider nature recovery network, beginning with their training ground! Your school ground can be part of this network as well!

What difference does it make?

For wildlife to thrive in urban or peri-urban areas, one easy measure is to arrange dedicated spaces for it.

What do you need?

  • An area to bring back to the wild
  • Instructions to prepare it for spring

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Need Help?

We already have a rewilded area on our school grounds!

Awesome! You're one step ahead, take a picture of it and complete the activity!

Where is the guide listing the actions we can take?

Right here, check the "go offline" section just before the step by step section... You're getting closer: now hit the "download PDF", it's all yours!

I want to know more about the Team Wilder from the Wildlife trust.

Head to the webpage of the wildlife trust of your area and search for Team Wilder! If you can't find any information online, try to ring or write them!

Have a question?

Send Coach Vlad a message and he'll help with your query.

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