SG06 Transfer Market Hero 380:450
SG06 Transfer Market Hero 380:450
SG06 Transfer Market Hero 380:450

Transfer Market

Organise a swap / donation fair

+10 Goals
2 h
Once per season

There are so many things children grow out or tired of every year - without even counting the change in uniforms as you get older. Why not try organising a donation fair where you can swap your unwanted items for something else? Reuse, recycle, save the planet.

One person's trash is another's treasure.

What difference does it make?

So many items we have don't get used enough to make their production worth it - so why not donate and let someone else get more out of it? Did you know that the average piece of fast fashion only gets worn a couple of times? Knowing that fashion is responsible for 8% of Global CO2 emissions: what a waste!

What do you need?

  • A classroom
  • A group of schoolmates dedicated to tackling climate change
  • All the things you don't use anymore

Step by step

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