092b bamford-s pledge part2 hero
092b bamford-s pledge part2 hero

Pledge 20 with Bamford - Part 2

Pledge fulfilled? Time to collect your reward!

+10 Goals
10 m
Once per week

Time to show off your green skills. You've pledged, you've planned... it's time to produce!

What do you need?

  • You need to have scored 20 goals since your pledge was made

Step by step

Need Help?

Can I complete any activity or do I have to follow the checklist?

You can complete any activities you like! One of the quickest way to get there is to complete "Electric Transfer", "Loft Insulation" or "Waste stats tracker". But you can only complete those activities once a season. The checklist shows you the activities that can you can repeat every week.

How many times can I complete this activity?

You can make the pledge once a week! Don't forget to follow through and score your 20 goals, though!

Have a question?

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