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T04 Community School Garden Hero_ 380:450
T04 Community School Garden Hero_ 380:450

Community School Garden

Involve students in growing food by creating a school allotment

+5 Goals
3 h
Once per season

Eric Dier, who plays for Planet Super League competitors Tottenham Hotspur, is known for spending a lot of time in an allotment. He confesses that if he had more time he would spend hours taking care of the veggie gardens.

So would plenty of students in your school... but first, there needs to be a dedicated area!

What difference does it make?

It's both relaxing and exciting to grow your own food and understand where it comes from. Rolling up sleeves, kneeling down and get your hands full of dirt. This is the way, and it's great for the planet!

What do you need?

  • Raised beds
  • Soil
  • Seeds

Step by step

Need Help?

We already have a school allotment. Can we score some goals?

Great, one step ahead! Get some children out growing, weeding or harvesting and send in a photo to score your goals.

What can be planted in January or February?

Under the protection of a foil, several things can be sown: onion, early carrots, lettuce or peas...

Should we use a raised or no dig bed? What is it?

Garden beds are areas in a garden that is higher than the ground and is surrounded by a wooden frame.Raised beds are usually higher than no-digs beds but require more soil to be filled in.

Among other reasons, they're great for boosting drainage, definitely consider this if your area holds water in bad weather, they enable the work in a standing (raised beds) or kneeling position (no-dig Beds) and the soil can be enriched, topping up with compost.

They look like that.

Where can we buy some raised/no-dig beds? or How to build some?

You may find a lot of solutions in the garden section of bigger DIY shops. Check their online shop first before travelling there.

If you feel enough comfortable or you have some crafty people around you, these raised beds can easily be built. Check out this video for inspiration and this tutorial that gives a great A to Z tour of no-dig beds from their presentation, advantages, construction until their operation.

How do we engage the children?

there's a great document from the national allotment society: here.

Have a question?

Send Coach Vlad a message and he'll help with your query.

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