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Vegan Meal

Veganuary's here! Eat a meat, dairy, egg free meal

+2 Goals
30 m
Once per day

Try a meal without any meat, dairy or egg - just like Hector Bellerin and see how it feels to join the Veganuary team!

What difference does it make?

Meat and dairy cause 15% of global greenhouse gases. Going veggie is good for you and gives the planet a break.

This activity lowers your carbon footprint by:

3.1 KG CO₂

What do you need?

  • A vegan recipe (check out PSL Kitchen Page)
  • Ingredients

Step by step

Need Help?

I don't know where to find a recipe...

Head to our PSL Kitchen page. There we have gathered a selection of some veganuary recipes!

What's the difference between this activity and the Meat Free activity?

In addition to not using meat, you'll also not be using dairy and eggs.

If I complete Vegan Meal, can I also complete Meat-Free Meal?

Yes, both activities can be done once every day! Yet Coach Vlad and the VAR team would need to see two different meals for each activity or you'll hear from them!

I want to know more about Veganuary...

Veganuary is a UK non profit organisation that that inspires and supports thousands of people in the world to try vegan in January and beyond. You may know more, visiting the Veganuary webpage.

Is Messi really Vegan?

It is said that he goes vegan during the season. It helps improve performance and speed up recovery from injuries.

If you're interested, check out the documentary Gamechangers: here

Have a question?

Send Coach Vlad a message and he'll help with your query.

Contact him via:

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